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I’m looking to work with brands, both large and small, who don’t mind my blunt opinions. If you’ve grazed over the My Reviews page, then you already know that I love giving honest and fair assessments of everyday products ranging from make-up to shoes to toasters. My readers look forward to my reviews and have taken my advice on multiple occasions. I am no stranger to sponsored posts, so feel free to contact me if you’re interested!

I also love traveling with my children.  We frequently trek around our state of Florida, and we take one big vacation per year.  I write extensive posts on each of these trips, giving my readers tips on dining, attractions, hotel stays, and even tidbits like the best place in Central Park to find a clean bathroom.  I would love to incorporate your brand into my travel adventures! Check out my Travel with Children page to see how I can benefit your brand!

I am also interested in helping families with budgeting and organizational tools and tricks (see the My Tips page). Anything that makes family life a little bit easier to manage is right up my alley!

And if all of this wasn’t enough, I love to run, sing, read, crochet, play board games, do puzzles or any other hands-on activities with my children.  So, if you have an idea or a product that needs my help, I would love to work with you!  Let’s do this!

Oh and one last thing-that Elf on the Shelf is my bitch.  So, if you are looking for shameless Elf on the Shelf plugs, I’m your girl!

Listed below are the many ways you can contact me!  Choose one and let’s get started!


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