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The 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Oddballs

It’s the holiday season, folks! And naturally, that means that bloggers are out in full force with our annual holiday gift guides! (Insert eye roll here.) I’ve never done a gift guide before. And lucky for you, I will NOT be making this an annual thing (or at least I’m not planning on it at… Continue reading The 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Oddballs

Things That Amuse Me

Happiness Is…Squirrels in Underpants

  Squirrels generally do not come up in daily conversation…unless you reside in my household. My daughters are a tad obsessed with feeding squirrels. I know, I know. I shouldn’t allow it or encourage it. But when it’s the weekend, and I’ve run myself ragged between my life and theirs, it’s hard not to settle… Continue reading Happiness Is…Squirrels in Underpants

Things That Amuse Me

I Love Nicolas Cage?

So, I recently decided to start searching for new bedding for my daughters. Finding too many similar options, I typed the term “cool pillowcases” into Google, hoping something unique would spawn an idea. Though I did come away from the search with some possibilities, I couldn’t help but question some of the images that popped up.… Continue reading I Love Nicolas Cage?