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Avoiding Cranberry Sauce on Thanksgiving

  Thanksgiving week is here, and that means turkey, stuffing, potatoes, green bean casserole, and cranberry sauce.  I’m a huge fan of traditional Thanksgiving fare, with the exception of cranberry sauce.  The jiggly jelly like substance, whether homemade or canned, always reminds me of a jello shot gone wrong.  Even the sound of it being… Continue reading Avoiding Cranberry Sauce on Thanksgiving

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Sesmark Lightly Salted Mini Rice Crackers

I usually do not write about food because I’m not exactly what one would call a “foodie”, but I just couldn’t resist the need to share.  I have become quite addicted to the grapefruits at a local market in Florida called Countryside Citrus.  Last week, I went shopping at Countryside while hungry, and therefore, spent… Continue reading Sesmark Lightly Salted Mini Rice Crackers

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ReVah wine

There are tons of moms out there who rely on wine to help them with the daily grind that is motherhood.  I am not one of these moms simply because I have a ridiculously low tolerance.  A simple glass of wine with dinner has the potential to make for a very embarrassing night for anyone… Continue reading ReVah wine