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Our Dog, Zoey

  Dogs. Who would have thought that I could love a dog? Like really love a dog. On any given day of my life, if you asked if I was a dog person, I wouldn’t hesitate to say yes. But I have never been one of those over the top, “my-dog-is-my-life” kind of people. Once… Continue reading Our Dog, Zoey

The Inner Workings of My Mind

Post Like Nobody’s Watching

  I have a confession. I may fall into the “oversharer” category when it comes to Facebook. Mostly, I shamelessly share and re-share my blog posts, but I also display funny memes, pictures of my kids, and I do check-ins like I’m getting paid for it. And now that I’ve got my news feed perfectly… Continue reading Post Like Nobody’s Watching

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A T-shirt Dress…For Winter

    For those of you who aren’t familiar with my blog, you probably don’t understand my obsession with summer t-shirt dresses. Let’s just say that I own too many, but I wear them often. I’ve even passed one down to my twelve-year-old daughter, who hates all dresses, but loves t-shirts. And although she’s not… Continue reading A T-shirt Dress…For Winter