Things That Amuse Me

Happiness Is…Squirrels in Underpants


Squirrels generally do not come up in daily conversation…unless you reside in my household. My daughters are a tad obsessed with feeding squirrels. I know, I know. I shouldn’t allow it or encourage it. But when it’s the weekend, and I’ve run myself ragged between my life and theirs, it’s hard not to settle for a little downtime with some nuts at the park.

If you really think about it, squirrels are everywhere-banks, roads, backyards, parks, Costco. They are particularly prevalent at food establishments, and this includes one of my favorite taco places (Moe’s). At the Moe’s I frequent, you can sit outside, enjoy the Florida sunshine, all while squirrels come and harass visit you, hoping for a bite. In addition to Moe’s, my ex-husband has squirrels who hang outside of his local restaurant. And are you ready for this? He’s even named them! Sunny, Sunflower, and Onions (apparently, Onions has a case of Elephantitis, hence the name).

So, because of the uncelebrated squirrel population, maybe it’s time to pay these nut hoarders homage by buying one for my car. Calm down. I’m not going to go all Davy Crockett on you and shoot a squirrel to put in my vehicle.  And no, I don’t have plans to visit the taxidermist. I’m obviously talking about a car air freshener…of a squirrel…in underwear.

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I mean…how can you resist, right? It’s hands-down the most unique car air freshener you’ll ever own! It’s also probably the most unique anything you’ll ever own. At the very least, I’m sure Davy (yes, I’ve named the squirrel) will always make you smile. And everyone can use more of that these days.

So, if you are like me and are dying for this air freshener, click here!

And once again, thanks for being randomly amused with me!