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Happiness Is…Squirrels in Underpants

  Squirrels generally do not come up in daily conversation…unless you reside in my household. My daughters are a tad obsessed with feeding squirrels. I know, I know. I shouldn’t allow it or encourage it. But when it’s the weekend, and I’ve run myself ragged between my life and theirs, it’s hard not to settle… Continue reading Happiness Is…Squirrels in Underpants

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What Will I Tell My Children?

  The morning after. No less than twenty-three posts on social media all asking the same question. What will I tell my children? My mind raced with thoughts of inadequacy. Oh no! Did I miss something? Was I supposed to prepare a speech for my kids about the results of the election? Once I had… Continue reading What Will I Tell My Children?

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When An Ex Can’t Let Go Of The Hatred

When exes physically insert themselves into your life, it is most commonly known as stalking. However, in many cases, exes indirectly connect themselves to you, ensuring that they are still in your life, while eliminating a legal stalking charge. With the power of social media, pursuing someone who is unaware of your interest in them is extremely simple and is… Continue reading When An Ex Can’t Let Go Of The Hatred