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I Love Nicolas Cage?

So, I recently decided to start searching for new bedding for my daughters. Finding too many similar options, I typed the term “cool pillowcases” into Google, hoping something unique would spawn an idea. Though I did come away from the search with some possibilities, I couldn’t help but question some of the images that popped up.

Scrolling halfway down the images unveiled a Nicolas Cage (surrounded by rainbows) pillowcase.

Stock Photo courtesy of digitiser2000

Now, The Family Man is one of my favorite Nicolas Cage movies (the blooper reel with Jeremy Piven is hysterical, and yes, I sometimes judge movies by their blooper reels). But I didn’t realize there were that many fans out there who would purchase a Nicolas Cage pillowcase. I was wrong. Really. Really. Wrong.

Of course, it piqued my interest, so I clicked on the link, which took me to this site ( which seemed to have a dedicated page for Nicolas Cage pillowcases. Here are some interesting choices:

Stock Photo courtesy of digitiser2000


Stock Photo courtesy of digitiser2000



Naturally, I was hooked. I kept searching for more Nicolas Cage pillowcases, and found my favorite and obvious winner at the Domestic Platypus Etsy shop.

Stock Photo courtesy of Domestic Platypus


So there you have it my friends. Thanks for being amused with me.  More randomness to follow soon!