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The Purse Accessory That Jump-started My Brain


To be honest, I try to be stylish…in my head…after coffee. My lunchtime daydream version of myself shows me decked out in the cutest outfits with matching accessories and killer hair and makeup. But my reality is that I get dressed before coffee, when it’s still dark outside, knowing that I have to get my girls ready for school. So fashion usually takes a backseat.

But recently, I started following this trendy shop called T & J Designs on Instagram.  And one morning, they offered a discount on an accessory that I totally didn’t need. But…the idea of me wanting anything fashion related that early in the morning must have meant that my groggy brain was willing to begin working before the caffeine kicked in. So I am totally grateful for those twenty seconds of clarity!

Granted, what I ordered was just a purse accessory. But I’ve secretly been obsessed with those fluffy pom pom keychains that this year’s tweens are latching to their backpacks (T&J has these too). I wanted to join in on the fun! So, I made the decision to purchase the tassel keychain bag charm.

And not only did it make my blah bag interesting, it also makes me happy when I see it. For some reason, it reminds me of those old movies where the carefree women wear scarves on their heads while laughing with long cigarettes dangling from their gloved fingers.


Now, I’m trusting that my brain will be curious enough to branch out from accessories to actual clothing.  And because I’m hopeful, I have already picked out some items that have the potential to make me look more like the chick I conjure up in my head at lunchtime, rather than the tired pre-coffee babe.


We Run The World Tee (stock photo)


Black and White Dot Off Shoulder Top                                                  (stock photo)


Black Pom Pom Ruffle Dress      (Stock Photo)

Join me in checking out T & J Designs!  And PS-they have been offering quite a bit of discounts lately and have free shipping on everything over $20!

Happy shopping ladies!