Glassblowing in Florida


Do you get excited when you sift through your emails in the morning and come across one from Groupon or Living Social?  No? Well, I do. I am someone who loves new experiences, so I get a little tickle in my belly when I open those emails, secretly hoping there is a great discount for something I’ve never tried before. I’ll admit that I’m usually disappointed. However, a few months ago, I found a unique Living Social deal for a glassblowing class at the Benzaiten Center for Creative Arts in Lake Worth, Florida. I couldn’t have clicked “Buy It Now” fast enough.

For my local Florida peeps, I highly recommend giving this class a try. For $119, I chose the one hour glassblowing experience for two (they also offered a $199 deal for a four person class). Being that it was a Living Social deal, I was expecting more of an oral tutorial with a few opportunities to help in creating a small piece of art. However, what we got was a hands-on, one-on-one, up-close-and-personal glassblowing experience with our instructor. My husband and I chose our pieces (drinking glasses) and were then introduced to the 2000 degree oven (which included the very much appreciated heat shield). We learned how to gather, heat and cool our glass, mix color and help each other shape our glasses with shears and by blowing into each other’s pipes (insert sex joke here). Our instructor was extremely knowledgeable and really let us get our hands dirty.

At the end of the hour, we put our beautiful new drinking glasses into the annealing oven, where they would need a few hours to cool before bringing them home. We were both so thrilled with the class, we wanted to do it again (and probably will)!

So, if you’re in the Lake Worth area and would like to do something fun and new, go sign up for a class at the Benzaiten Center! If you’re not from the area, go to Living Social or Groupon and type “glassblowing” in the search field to find a similar experience near you!

Living Social Deal: I don’t know how much longer this deal will last, so if you’re interested, I would suggest purchasing now. Click this link for the Living Social Glassblowing deal at the Benzaiten Center!

Tip #1:

I’m not sure what the age requirement is, but I wouldn’t bring very young children to these classes. The class I took is probably best for teens. The center offers a children’s program that is probably more suitable for tots.

Tip #2:

The center has a small, but very nice display area inside.  I would recommend checking it out before you leave!

Have fun and thanks for reading!