Glassblowing in Florida

  Do you get excited when you sift through your emails in the morning and come across one from Groupon or Living Social?  No? Well, I do. I am someone who loves new experiences, so I get a little tickle in my belly when I open those emails, secretly hoping there is a great discount… Continue reading Glassblowing in Florida

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Disney’s Keys to the Kingdom

    When it comes to birthdays, I am more of an experience person who prefers a day of rock climbing over a new pair of shoes. I also detest surprise parties. So, when my husband asked me how I wished to be welcomed into forty-dom, I told him I wanted to spend time with… Continue reading Disney’s Keys to the Kingdom

The Inner Workings of My Mind

Random Thoughts on World Events

I normally keep quiet about world events. But I’m starting to reach my boiling point. With every news story, we become more divided. Whether it’s black lives matter, blue lives matter, an alligator attack at Disney, a kid falling into a gorilla pit at a zoo, or the Orlando shooting, we choose a side and… Continue reading Random Thoughts on World Events

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Travel With Children: Our Ireland Road Trip

Road tripping…in Ireland…with children may seem like a scary vacation plan.  Lucky for me, my kids travel well.  But even if they didn’t, it is my opinion that there is just no better way to see a foreign country than to be all up in it-road trip style.  So, we went for it, and it… Continue reading Travel With Children: Our Ireland Road Trip