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When Converse Leads to Etsy: A Casual Shopping Experience

If you haven’t shopped or at least browsed the wonder that is Etsy, you must be living in a cave with the Croods. Endless options of unique handmade or vintage items are available to millions of buyers across the world. And a few weeks ago, I became one of those buyers.

It all started with a shopping trip with my husband to a local Converse store. Although I love Converse sneakers, I always feel as though they look like clown shoes on my feet. My husband, however, is obsessed, and during this particular trip, with his super human Converse powers, he convinced me to try out a pair with crocheted white fabric accented with pink lining. My clown feet fear was immediately cured, and my first pair of Converse were on their way home with me.

Of course, once I got home, I realized that I’m more of a heels and sandals type of gal. What does one wear with a pair of high top sneakers? In addition to that, I’m not really a pink, frilly type of chick, so buying a cute and casual outfit to match the “oh-so-girly” sneakers was going to be a challenge.

I decided to start my online search with a t-shirt under the condition that it had to be special. Enter Etsy. Simply typing in “t-shirt” in Etsy’s search bar had me drowning in almost half a million options, so being a blogger, I decided to look for blog related tees. That narrowed my results down to about two thousand. After ingesting about six pages of blogger t-shirts, I found exactly what I was looking for at The Trendy Sparrow.

The Trendy Sparrow offers adorable items for confident, business minded women who also have a fresh, girly flare. I’ve seen women catastrophically try to pull off looks that belong in the juniors department, and this shop is the complete opposite of that. The boutique sells beautifully photographed items like mugs, notebooks and apparel with an air of sophisticated fun. This is where I placed my order for the first piece of my casual look.



Arriving a week later in delicate tissue with a thin ribbon was an extremely comfortable, loose-fitting t-shirt with a large pink heart stating “bloggers gonna blog”. It was a perfect tee to match my crocheted Converse! The stock photo on The Trendy Sparrow paired the t-shirt with a lovely sky blue and pink cardigan, which gave me the idea to do the same. Unfortunately, the closest match was a Chanel cardigan for roughly $1300.  Being that I live in Florida and we only wear cardigans during our two weeks of winter, I decided against Chanel.

So, back to Etsy I went, this time on the lookout for a cardigan with small girly details such as heart-shaped buttons. This time, I came across a boutique called Monster Lou. This boutique offers a more eclectic variety of pieces with small details such as skulls, eyeballs or kitties. Although the items in this store seem to be geared toward teens, the sweater I found was a perfect match for my blogger tee! Loaded with fun blue polka dots and a pink appliqued heart, the soft, gray cardigan was a perfect mix between feminine and grunge. In addition to being nicely packaged, Monster Lou included some small Halloween inspired goodies, like a bat pin and some wacky spider rings. Being that it was delivered the day before Halloween, the timing for the bonus gifts was perfect.



I came away from my Etsy shopping experience with a perfect casual outfit to match my awesome new kicks, knowledge that even the most unlikely boutiques might have exactly what I am looking for, and an intense desire to go back and buy the “building my empire” tee over at The Trendy Sparrow. If only I had a pair of Converse to match…


My completed look from Etsy, inspired by Converse






4 thoughts on “When Converse Leads to Etsy: A Casual Shopping Experience

  1. Just discovered your blog via the Blunt Moms group on Facebook! Love it and love this post! I am a Converse wearer (thanks also to my husband), but am feeling like 40 might be too old to pull off this look for much longer 🙂


    1. Haha! I know what you’re saying Jean! And being that I’ll be 40 in only a few months, I feel like I may have discovered Converse a little too late in life. But, I think we can slip them in every now and then! Thanks for following! 🙂


    1. Thank you Jenn! The shirt was exactly what I was looking for…a tee with something special! I’m most definitely going to buy the “Building My Empire” tee as well!


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