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Approaching 40: Vagina Zits and Other Crazy Shit

Are you curious about how I’ve been flirting with 40?  Check out my blog over at BLUNTmoms!   Previously published on BLUNTmoms on November 25, 2015.   With forty rapidly chasing me down, I’ve noticed some age-induced oddities that paint a less than fabulous picture of what’s to come. Apparently, most of the crazy… Continue reading Approaching 40: Vagina Zits and Other Crazy Shit

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Avoiding Cranberry Sauce on Thanksgiving

  Thanksgiving week is here, and that means turkey, stuffing, potatoes, green bean casserole, and cranberry sauce.  I’m a huge fan of traditional Thanksgiving fare, with the exception of cranberry sauce.  The jiggly jelly like substance, whether homemade or canned, always reminds me of a jello shot gone wrong.  Even the sound of it being… Continue reading Avoiding Cranberry Sauce on Thanksgiving

The Inner Workings of My Mind

Real Women Have Vaginas

When the “real women” campaign started a few years ago, it filled me with hope that my little girls would have a chance at developing a positive body image. More recently, the campaign grew legs and sprinted its way to Negative Town, replacing its original uplifting message with yet another way to tear women down.… Continue reading Real Women Have Vaginas

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When Converse Leads to Etsy: A Casual Shopping Experience

If you haven’t shopped or at least browsed the wonder that is Etsy, you must be living in a cave with the Croods. Endless options of unique handmade or vintage items are available to millions of buyers across the world. And a few weeks ago, I became one of those buyers. It all started with… Continue reading When Converse Leads to Etsy: A Casual Shopping Experience