The Inner Workings of My Mind

Don’t Do It For the Haters

  People come and go in our lives, and that is to be expected. However, there are certain individuals who hang on with a steel grip, studying our moves, hoping that we fail. They thrive by laughing at our setbacks, while getting some sick internal pleasure from watching us struggle. These people are known to… Continue reading Don’t Do It For the Haters

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My Real Life Sue Heck

For those unfamiliar with ABC’s comedy The Middle, Sue Heck portrays a wonderfully tragic teenager who tries her hardest at everything, but is constantly rejected. Because she always pulls herself back up, the audience can’t help but root for her. She never gets what she ultimately wants, yet she finds the genuine happiness with whatever… Continue reading My Real Life Sue Heck

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Divorce-This Is How We Do It

Mid-divorce or post-divorce life with your ex doesn’t have to be ugly. My husband, myself and my ex hanging out at our wedding.  Yes…we all really are friends!     Previously published on BLUNTmoms on October 5, 2015     This past May, as the officiant welcomed guests to my wedding, I stole a glance at the… Continue reading Divorce-This Is How We Do It