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Swiffer Sweeper

So, when I started my blog, one of the first items I reviewed was the Bissell Steam Mop Select (94E9T).  Ironically, back then, I had grown weary of the Swiffer mop that I was using to clean my floors.  The old school Swiffer mop basically just pushed dust around the floor and did a terrible job of mopping up any spills or stains.  So, that’s when I made the switch to the Bissell.  And although this review isn’t about the Bissell, I will say that it is still a decent steam mop, but I wouldn’t rave about it.  In fact, if I didn’t recently buy the Swiffer Sweeper, I probably would have started shopping for a new steam mop to replace the Bissell.

For quite a long time, I have had the Swiffer Sweeper on my Amazon Wish List.  I let it sit there for about a year, checking to see if it was still getting an average of 4 stars in the review section.  After a year of seeing consistently good reviews, and an amazing coupon that got me the Swiffer Sweeper for only $3, I finally caved and bought it.  I was extremely hesitant due to my previous experience with a Swiffer.  But for $3, I figured it was worth it.  (The older version of the Swiffer Sweeper was on sale at a local grocery store for $5 and I had a $2 off coupon for the starter kit.)
I used the Swiffer for the first time last week and was pleasantly surprised with the results.  The dry cloth actually does picks up dirt and pet hair!  The dirt sticks to the cloth and then all you need to do is slip it off the mop and throw it right into the garbage can. And even though the wet cloth is meant for spills and stains, it also picks up dirt!  I have to admit that I had a juice stain on the kitchen tile that was sticky and hard to get out, but with just a little more elbow grease than I used for the rest of the room, it came out without too much trouble.  What I love most about this mop is how light it is!  Although the Bissell isn’t all that heavy, the Swiffer is like a feather in comparison.  Also, unlike the Bissell, this mop doesn’t have a cord or a specified warm up time, which makes it even more user friendly.  You simply just attach the clean mop pads to the bottom and off you go!  The only down side I noticed is that the floors stay wet for a longer period of time than when I use the Bissell steam mop (with the steam mop, my floors are completely dry in only a few minutes).
I know that the Swiffer Sweeper is not a new product, and many of you may have discovered this years ago.  All I can say is that I wish I would have put my skepticism aside and made this purchase sooner.  It really is a time saver and does a good job.  For those of you who are like me and are wary of Swiffer products, I would recommend trying this one out.  It may not give you the same results you would expect from scrubbing the floors on your hands and knees, but really, what mop does?