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Swiffer Sweeper

So, when I started my blog, one of the first items I reviewed was the Bissell Steam Mop Select (94E9T).  Ironically, back then, I had grown weary of the Swiffer mop that I was using to clean my floors.  The old school Swiffer mop basically just pushed dust around the floor and did a terrible… Continue reading Swiffer Sweeper

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Year-round Christmas Shopping

So, we recently got through the Christmas in July sales, and I believe I even saw some summer “Black Friday” marketing attempts by a retailer that rhymes with Farget.  Is this crazy?  Yes…and no.  Although I am not alone in being someone who shops for Christmas gifts all year long, I know that folks who… Continue reading Year-round Christmas Shopping

The Inner Workings of My Mind

Facebook messages for Non Facebookers

My youngest daughter turned seven this past weekend, and we celebrated with a pool party and a trip to Lion Country Safari.  On the night before her birthday, I went into her bedroom to tuck her in and sat down and asked her to stop aging and to stay six forever.  She giggled and told… Continue reading Facebook messages for Non Facebookers

The Inner Workings of My Mind

The "Annoying" Mommy Blogger/Tweeter

I have recently discovered Twitter, and yes, I know that I am extremely late to the party.   I joined Twitter so that I could follow some of my favorite bloggers out there.  The funny one liners, the blog updates and blog conference references are just a few of the reasons why Twitter has become more… Continue reading The "Annoying" Mommy Blogger/Tweeter