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Martha Stewart Living Wall Unit

So, I have had this ugly green storage bin resting on the carpet next to my desk for about five years.  It contained photos, magazines, stickers, laminated pages and various other things yet to be determined. Prior to tonight, I may have opened the bin once or twice, but only to quickly shut the lid in fear of the organizational nightmare that I have avoided for this long.  After years of looking at this ugly, dusty puke green storage container, I finally decided to purchase a wall unit to store the mystery contents of the bin in.  And if you’re anything like me, when you get something new, especially if it arrives in a huge cardboard box via UPS, you get excited, right?
                                                      Ugly Green Bin
The problem I face almost all of the time is that I want things exactly the way I imagine them in my head.  So, when I go shopping, even if the item in my head hasn’t been invented yet, that is what I am looking for.  Also, I am addicted to white furniture, and I even have a white comforter on the bed.  And yes, this is extremely masochistic of me because I have a six year old and a nine year old on the loose.  But so far, they haven’t had any misfortunes around the white stuff…at least, not to my knowledge.
Anyway, about a week ago, the dream of the perfect white wall unit came to me in my head and I started my search online.  And I am happy to say that I almost immediately found exactly what I conjured up in my head at  It was the Martha Stewart Living Wall Unit and it was on sale for $53 with free shipping!  The unit has three large cubbies that can be used with 10.5×10.5×11 fabric drawers.  It also has four small hooks underneath the storage area, which I intend on using to place wooden photos with bows from (there is one in the picture below).


Now, I’m pretty sure this wall unit is purchased by most people for use in a mud room or entryway.  For me, I just needed a large enough space to transfer the crap en la verde to a newer, sleeker storage area to free up the space on the carpet (which now has a permanent outline of where the green bin has lived for all of these years).   Because the stuff I have accumulated is pretty heavy, most of the desk storage units weren’t nearly as big or as sturdy as I needed them to be, so I had to search in the non-office sections of most web sites.  With that said, this unit’s measurements are 15.75Hx35.25Wx11.5D, and it is a very solid, quality piece.  For the price, I was expecting it to be a bit flimsy, so I was pleasantly surprised when I had to ask John to lug it in from the porch.  The only issue I had is that no longer carries it in white, so I was lucky enough to find a brand new one on Ebay for $52!  SCORE!!
If you’re interested, here is the link for the wall unit in espresso:


Happy shopping!

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