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Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss

As I’ve said numerous times before on this blog, I’m generally not a makeup person.  However, when I do feel the need to wear makeup, I tend to reach for lip gloss and mascara.  I think using only gloss and mascara is the minimalist approach to wearing makeup without putting on a full face.  I was lucky enough to get a sample of the Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss (in hot pink).  It may not be a new Revlon product, but it is new to me.   With that said, hot pink is never a color I would choose for myself, so I was tentative about trying this out.
In my experience, gloss almost always manages to come off in less than an hour, so I wasn’t expecting anything different with Revlon’s Colorburst.  I put the hot pink gloss on at 11am, and to my surprise, it lasted for roughly 2.5 hours! Even after it came off, my lips were still incredibly moist, and it left a faint pink stain that made my lips look really fresh and healthy. I also loved the shine of the gloss, which lasted for about an hour.  As for the color, I LOVED it!  I have an olive tone to my skin, so I normally go with natural, dark berry or coral colors for my lips.  The hot pink was such a pleasant surprise!  It was demure, rather than the obnoxious neon I was expecting.  So far, Revlon Colorburst was a complete score!
Ahh…but there is one negative thing that I have to say about the gloss. There are small bits of glitter and/or sparkles in the tube.  While I love the idea of glitter and sparkles for my little girls, I have a hard time justifying a glitter lip gloss for a thirty-something adult.  Unfortunately, the glitter is mixed in with the gloss.  So when applied, the glitter makes it onto your lips as well.  Other than the glitter factor, this gloss has my vote!  It was super shiny, long wearing and extremely moisturizing.  If you don’t mind a glittery shimmer on your lips, I would say this is a great product for you!
You can find this gloss at your local drugstore for roughly $5-$7.