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Benefit High Brow Defining Pencil

So, I’m not a big fan of getting my eyebrows waxed.  I have extremely sensitive skin that stays red for an abnormal period of time.  Because of my reaction to waxing, I only get it done about once a year.  Why am I telling you all of this?  Well, I just so happen to have a product that I’ve been using for years that helps my eyebrows out.  It’s called High Brow by Benefit.  Now, I’ve purchased a few of Benefit’s products, and everything I’ve tried so far is amazing. If a Benefit product declares that it will make you look younger, healthier, more awake, less stressed, I can say with complete certainty that the product will do what it claims.  This defining pencil is no different.  It actually makes your arches look higher and helps define the shape!   No, I’m not kidding.  Simply apply the pencil along your arch and blend.  Voila…instant eyebrow lift!  And for any ladies like me who aren’t keen on the monthly eyebrow waxing, this little pencil makes life a little more tolerable.  I’m not saying you should completely replace waxing with this pencil like I have.  However, if you decide to buy this, you can probably skip your next eyebrow waxing appointment without anyone noticing too much.
You can find this at for $20.  It also is sold at Ulta & Sephora stores.
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Happy Thanksgiving all!  And to all of you who will be heading out of your homes on Black Friday, happy shopping!