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Cuisinart CPT-142 Compact 4 SliceToaster


I think I just might be the last person on Earth who loves the look of a bright white kitchen.  So rather than jump on the stainless steel appliance bandwagon, I choose to stay true to my love of white appliances.  However, because of the stainless steel on black trend that has taken over kitchens for the last decade, finding anything white is extremely difficult.  My search for a 4 slice white toaster was no different.  It’s slim pickings as it is if you are looking for white appliances.  However, if you want white appliances that also work well, that’s an even tougher find.  So, my search began where it always  I read review after review for the few white toasters that were available.  It came down to the Cuisinart 142, the Sunbeam 3823 and the Breville BTA630XL.  Because I absolutely love my Breville hand mixer (see my Breville hand mixer review), I really wanted to purchase the toaster as well.  Mostly, what held me back was the ridiculous size of it, and the fact that it isn’t a 4 slice toaster (it is a longer 2 slice toaster).  The Sunbeam didn’t get as many positive reviews as the Cuisinart did, so ultimately, I went with the Cuisinart.  
I purchased the toaster in January of this year, so I have used it for close to a year now.  And I must say that when it comes to toasting bagels, it still toasts evenly every time.  And the bagels fit without having to squeeze them into the slot, which is a huge plus!  Also, after almost a year, toasting bread also comes out evenly each and every time.  So, I am very pleased!
Now for the not so great part.  For the first four months, it worked perfectly when toasting frozen waffles.  However, after those few months, it started taking longer and was not as consistent in toasting the waffles evenly.  Sometimes, even when hitting the defrost button as it toasts, it never quite toasts perfectly, which requires a second lever push on a lighter setting to get the job done.  And while I don’t really mind this, it is a slight disappointment since it worked so consistently well in the beginning.  Just to note, I would say this happens roughly once a week with frozen waffles.
Like I said, it still works perfectly for bread and bagels, which is more important to me. Based on that, I would definitely recommend it.  But if you are an avid frozen waffle eater, I might recommend that you try out another brand or model before considering this one.
·         7-setting shade dial
·         Reheat, defrost and bagel controls
·         1-1/2-inch wide toasting slots
·         Slide-out crumb tray
·         1800 watts


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  1. Definitely planning on buying one in either white or bone color, which they how have; I have a Cuisinart two slice SS, and it has lasted for quite a long time, very happy with it; always happy with anything Cuisinart, good company.


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