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Maybelline Color Whisper

Let me start by saying that I’m not an avid makeup wearing gal.  However, when I do decide to get all dolled up, I usually rely on lipstick and mascara.  Having said that, I love purchasing makeup.  My makeup organizer is stocked full of everything you could possibly need to do a full on photo shoot.  I am a sucker for makeup with cool packaging.  Hence, my purchase of Maybelline’s newest lipstick, Color Whisper.  The clever see through packaging resembles the sheer and light feel of the lipstick.  I opted for color #30, Pin Up Peach.
The plus side is that this lipstick did moisturize my lips.  I also like that it feels like a barely there gloss.  The downside is that I applied the lipstick at 10am and it was completely off my lips by 10:45am (I did not eat or drink anything during this 45 minute time span).  After the color wore off, my lips were still moist for about another 15 minutes.  At that point, I definitely could have used another application.  However, I am not one who likes to carry lipstick or gloss around with me, and I definitely do not like reapplying lipstick or gloss every hour (or 45 minutes in this case).
Maybelline does not advertise that this is a long lasting lipstick, so I can’t crucify them for this flaw.  However, I will not be purchasing this product again, as there are similar products that last a bit longer than Color Whisper (I am obsessed with Neutrogena’s Moisture Shine gloss).


If you’d still like to try Color Whisper out for yourself, it retails at most drugstores for roughly $6-$7.  As always, feel free to let me know what you think!

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