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As you know, I am a runner, and when I run, I sweat.  Some runners sweat more from the top of their heads.  Those runners use what’s called Bondi bands, which are sweat wicking headbands.  Among other things, these bands prevent sweat from getting into the eyes.  If my sweat glands cooperated, I would be able to utilize one of these awesome headbands.  However, when I run, I sweat from my T-Zone area and my upper lip.  Because of this, I am constantly wiping sweat with my hand, and then wiping my hand against my shirt or shorts during my runs.  For shorter distances, this isn’t too much of a problem.  But I’m training for a half marathon, and I just know that the constant wiping is going to get annoying really quickly.  Luckily, I found a solution!  It’s a sweat wicking sports wristband called the Handana (see picture below).
I tested it out for the first time during my run last night.  It is extremely light and very soft with a comfortable fit.  It also leaves your fingers free, which is a huge plus for those of you who are addicted to your Ipod while running.  J  Last night was a very hot, humid Florida night, so it really came in handy.  It was great to just wipe the sweat and keep on running, rather than trying to find a dry spot on my shirt to wipe my face with.  There is a downside though.  The Handana traps the heat.  So, even though it’s lightweight, it feels like you are wearing a winter glove while you run.  Again, because I run in Florida, wearing a glove in the heat isn’t ideal.  There was a noticeable difference in the coolness of the hand that was Handana free.  With that said, I’m not ready to give up on the Handana just yet.  I may just wait for the Florida summer months to end so that I can enjoy the Handana in the cooler months ahead.
The Handana comes in an assortment of colors.  I ordered a size small, and I’m happy with the fit.  Although, I think if I decide to get another one, I might go for the extra small because I prefer a snug fit.
Just a note- I don’t think the Handana is limited to runners.  I am just writing about it based on how I relate to the product.
You can get your Handana at for $15.99.  I received a promo code with my order, so if you decide to order one, feel free to try it at checkout.


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