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Melissa Jean and Jason Wu Woven Jelly Ballet Flats

The last time I was excited about a jelly shoe, I think I was about 8 years old. Jelly shoes remind me of my youth.  Under normal circumstances, I try to stay away from youthful trends because I truly believe in dressing your age, rather than for the age you wish you still were (just ask my best friend who tortures me by insisting on shopping in the juniors department).  But then I saw these jelly ballet flats and fell in love.  Yes, they are still “jellies”, but they are jellies with adult sophistication. 

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the jelly shoes of my day is how happy they made me.  Then, when I start remembering more about them, I remember the struggle of trying to love a shoe that was so uncomfortable.  The shoes of my youth were thin, but hard, so the plastic dug into your skin.  And in the summer, when you were sweating, the shoe usually had a mind of its own.  The shoe went one way while your feet went another. 
But all of those worries can be put to rest with the Melissa Jean and Jason Wu version of the jelly shoe.  The first difference is that they are beautifully crafted.  These are not the uncomfortable plastic jelly shoes that were most likely purchased at K-Mart when I was young.  They are slightly cushioned on the inside, which makes them really comfortable. They come in black and a really pretty summer coral (I opted for the coral).   A surprise that I thought was worth mentioning is that they have a light floral smell.  I expected a plastic smell when I took them out of the box, but this is not the case.  After wearing them for half the summer in the Florida sun, the shoes are still aromatic, which is a pleasant surprise.
I normally wear a size 6.5 or 7, depending on the brand of shoe.  I ordered a size 7 in these and they fit perfectly.  Please note they do not come in half sizes. 


Check out these shoes at ($105).  Melissa Jean also has some other variations of the jelly shoe as well.  I have been eyeing the Trippy Bow-Trimmed Jelly Ballet Flats at for $70!  Happy shopping!




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