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Breville Handy Mix Digital Hand Mixer


also comes in Red & Stainless

I never realized how long mixers lasted until the one I owned broke.  It was a Hamilton Beach mixer that I had been using for about twelve years. I didn’t have any weird attachment to it like I do for my coffee mug, but it was a decent hand mixer that helped with twelve years’ worth of mashed potatoes, cakes and cookies.  Once it broke, I started wondering what features I would like my new replacement mixer to have.  I didn’t think I would care.  A mixer is a mixer, right?  It turns out that I cared a little bit.  I wanted a hand mixer that could sit on the countertop without falling over or having to rest on a bowl.  I wanted more than 3 speeds.  I wanted it to be lightweight.   I also wanted it to be a mixer that my fiancé, who is a baker, would love to get his hands on.
So, after reading tons of reviews, I decided on the Breville Handy Mix Digital Hand Mixer.  Breville products tend to be pricey, but from my experience with this mixer, it is worth the extra cost.  I’ve been using this mixer for roughly seven months now and it really is a great mixer.  It has all of the features I was looking for, plus some other features that are nice to have, such as a timer that lets you know how long you’ve been mixing.  And boy, does this little mixer have power!  I can get through thick cookie dough with no problems at all with the speed setting at eight (it goes up to sixteen).  It also does a great job with thin batters and mashed potatoes (set at a lower speed).  I love that the speed always starts off slow so that you are guaranteed to never wear the contents of the bowl.  And the turbo button comes in handy when you just need a little more power for a short period of time.  Also, it is a quiet mixer.  So, if you like holding conversations while mixing, this mixer allows you to do that without shouting.
This mixer comes with a whisk and 2 bread dough hooks.  I haven’t used either, but I’m sure that somewhere down the line, I will be thankful for them.
The only thing this mixer doesn’t have is a cord keeper or a cord clip.  However, this is definitely not a deal breaker.
So, all in all, this is a sturdy, lightweight, multi-speed, multi-functional digital mixer that has already surpassed my expectations.  I know it’s not every day that you go out looking for a new hand mixer, but if today happens to be that day for you, I would highly recommend the Breville.
And just for the record, I’ve caught my fiancé using this mixer instead of his stand mixer time and time again.  😉

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  1. Mine is on it's way out, I have a kitchen aid, but has a hard time going mixing thick batter and dough, think I'll try the Breville, thanks for sharing!


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