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White Deodorant Stain Tip

I’m positive that most women reading this can relate to this scenario.  You are getting dressed up to go out.  You have on your favorite jewelry.  Your hair and makeup are perfect.  You take one final look in the mirror, and DANG IT, you have white deodorant marks on your clothes!  What do you do? … Continue reading White Deodorant Stain Tip

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Maybelline Color Whisper

Let me start by saying that I’m not an avid makeup wearing gal.  However, when I do decide to get all dolled up, I usually rely on lipstick and mascara.  Having said that, I love purchasing makeup.  My makeup organizer is stocked full of everything you could possibly need to do a full on photo… Continue reading Maybelline Color Whisper

My Reviews · Running


As you know, I am a runner, and when I run, I sweat.  Some runners sweat more from the top of their heads.  Those runners use what’s called Bondi bands, which are sweat wicking headbands.  Among other things, these bands prevent sweat from getting into the eyes.  If my sweat glands cooperated, I would be… Continue reading Handana

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Melissa Jean and Jason Wu Woven Jelly Ballet Flats

The last time I was excited about a jelly shoe, I think I was about 8 years old. Jelly shoes remind me of my youth.  Under normal circumstances, I try to stay away from youthful trends because I truly believe in dressing your age, rather than for the age you wish you still were (just… Continue reading Melissa Jean and Jason Wu Woven Jelly Ballet Flats

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Breville Handy Mix Digital Hand Mixer

  also comes in Red & Stainless I never realized how long mixers lasted until the one I owned broke.  It was a Hamilton Beach mixer that I had been using for about twelve years. I didn’t have any weird attachment to it like I do for my coffee mug, but it was a decent… Continue reading Breville Handy Mix Digital Hand Mixer