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My Favorite Things: My Coffee Mug

I am a coffee person.  Although I know this is probably not true, I swear that I cannot function properly without my morning cup of coffee.  And just as much as I love my coffee, I love my coffee mug.  I’ve had it for a few years now and even though it is chipped, I still can’t drink from any other mug.  Now, being that I’m currently a Florida resident, but a born and raised Jersey girl, this mug has a bit of sentimental value.  I bought it in the Newark airport just before boarding my flight back to Florida.  I haven’t been back to New Jersey since then.  But apart from the emotional attachment, the size of a mug matters to me.  Most stores carry regular sized mugs that offer a smaller size cup of coffee.  Some stores also carry these scary super sized mugs that would enable me to drink enough coffee to keep me awake for days, which is never my goal.  My gem of a mug allows for one and a half cups of coffee-not too much, not too little.
For those of you Jersey gals who don’t regularly shop at airports for your coffee mugs, here is a link I found if you’re interested in purchasing this mug.


Am I the only one with a favorite mug?  Feel free to let me know about some of your favorite things!

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