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Bissell Steam Mop Select

Bissell Steam Mop Select, Titanium, 94E9T
I purchased the Bissell Steam Mop in February of this year to replace my Swiffer Wet Jet.  Oh, how I loved the disposable pads of the Swiffer!  But after a while, I noticed that those pads mostly pushed the dirt around, rather than getting the stains out and really giving my floors a decent cleaning.  Now, most of my home is carpeted, so I only need a light mop for the kitchen, bathrooms, entryway and laundry area.  A few years ago, I purchased the Haan MS30 Steam Cleaner Multipurpose Steamer pictured at the bottom of this post.  And there are many reasons why I switched from the Haan to the Swiffer.  First, the Haan has the attached canister, which is quite irritating to roll from room to room.  Second, you need a funnel to fill the canister with water.  Also, because of the black color of the canister, you can’t see when it is full.  I found that the Haan just did not clean the dirt away adequately.  It was always a struggle to push harder on the mop causing me to go over the same spot 2-3 times.  Mostly, the reason I got rid of it was that it became too much of a hassle.  So, I switched to the Swiffer, which wasn’t a good fit either, per my above explanation.  So, I moved onto the Bissell Steam Mop.  You should know that I don’t always purchase the biggest, baddest, most expensive product there is.  I tend to purchase things based on my needs at that particular time.  In this case, I knew that I wanted a steam mop that could get into tight spots and corners.  Most importantly, I just wanted a simple mop that would actually clean my floors.  I decided on the Bissell based on my reliance on reviews.  The price tag at the time was roughly $60, but I’ve seen them cheaper.  I have had the mop for four months and I am very happy.  I bought distilled water to use with it, but the instructions say that regular water would be fine to use as well.  Bissell also makes scented water for this mop.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I am very tempted.  The mop pad that it comes with is tight fitting and stays put while mopping (and is also washable).  Extra mop pads are also available for purchase.  Once plugged in, the steam only takes 30 seconds (and sometimes less) to start working!  I was thrilled with this, as the Haan MS30 took about 6 minutes to start steaming, and then if it ran out of steam (literally), you had to wait for the indicator light to come on before starting up again.  Another important plus is that the Bissell is extremely lightweight.  My favorite part of this mop is the triangular head that fits perfectly into each and every corner! Now, there are a few downsides to the Bissell.  The first is that you have to keep holding the trigger for the steam to come out.  The Haan had a lock so you could keep a steady stream of steam going without touching the trigger.  I don’t think this is a deal breaker for most people, but I thought I would let you know what to expect.  The second issue I have with the Bissell is the handle length.  I’m only 5’1’’, and I find myself bending over while mopping up tough spots.  This could be painful as I get older, so handle length should be a consideration when purchasing any steam mop (the Haan’s handle extended pretty high, so I didn’t need to bend at all).  And lastly, I wish the cord was a little bit longer.  Of course, extension cords can fix any short cord problem, and I haven’t found the need to use an extension cord.  But I like having a little bit of give when mopping and a longer cord would make that possible.  All in all, I am happy with the Bissell.  And from what I understand, there are newer models out now that are getting great reviews as well.  But I plan on holding onto this one because it is simple and it does the job I need it to do.


Please feel free to ask any questions about this product.  I will always give my honest opinion!
Here is a pic of the Haan I referred to in the above review: